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ICF Hanger

NEW ICF BEAM HANGER – Metwood has introduced a new ICF Hanger (patent pending) designed to simplify and streamline the installation of Metwood floor systems. Metwood ICF Hangers are made of heavy guage galvanized steel with a 5.25” ID and are designed to handle Metwood’s standard two ply through and tru beams used in it’s floor Systems. The ICF Hangers tie into the strengthening core of the poured wall resulting in a load capacity of 18,000lbs per hanger. Metwood’s patented tru and through Beams can be cut to length on the job site and fasten to the Hangers using standard self drilling screws. Metwood’s floor systems are sure, solid, and radiant ready, and result in maximum loads, longer unsupported spans, and maximized space. Please feel free to leave a question or comments.

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