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TUFF FLOOR – Suspended Concrete Floors

The future of floor construction where design flexibility meets ease of installation and exceptional structural integrity.

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Metwood TUFF FLOOR™ – Suspended Concrete Floors

Experience the next level of construction with Metwood Building Solution’s TUFF FLOOR™ Suspended Concrete Floors, featuring the innovative TUFF BEAM™, TUFF JOIST+™ and ICF Hangers. Our systems are engineered for unparalleled design flexibility, accommodating both conventional and radical floor designs for various applications, including garages, mezzanines, living spaces, and roof systems.

Metwood’s Suspended Floors come equipped with pre-punched, reinforced access holes, making the installation of plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other utility services a breeze. This feature not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures you maintain exceptional structural integrity throughout the floor system.

Plus the Metwood TUFF FLOOR™ – Suspended Concrete Floor system supports a long list of finished flooring option s including; Metal, Particle Board, Plywood, CBPB (Concrete Bonded Particle Board), EPS Panels and SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) and they are perfect for in-floor radiant heating.

Our joists can span freely or be paired with the Metwood TUFF BEAM™ to eliminate the need for vertical supports, providing a clean and unobstructed space below. Additionally, our unique Ledger and ICF Hanger Systems are specially designed for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) projects, significantly reducing project cycle time.

Choose Metwood’s Suspended Floors for a seamless, efficient, and structurally superior building solution that caters to your creative and practical needs.

Simple Four Step Installation Process

  • Prepare Beam Pockets and Supports based on design
  • Install TUFF BEAM™, TUFF JOIST+™
  • Install Decking, Rebar, and In-floor Heating tube (as necessary)
  • Install Concrete Forms, Pour Concrete

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You can download the product brochure below and you can check out the other Metwood Building Solutions TUFF products; TUFF BEAM™ Structural CFS BeamsTUFF FLOORS™ Suspended Concrete Floors, TUFF DECK™, and RIM BEAM™.


Simple to Install

Design Flexibility


Commercial and Residential

Green Building Products

Hangers and Ledger System

Support Plywood, Concrete, or Other

Tech Spec

Cut to Size
Access Holes


There are a wide variety of applications for Metwood’s TUFF FLOOR™ Suspended Floor system limited by only your imagination.

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Amazing! This was perfect for the garage floor above a customer’s basement. It was strong, easy to install, and was a great bargain.
Juan Reyes – GC

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Other products

Image of a beam being placed into a ICF Beam Hanger for Suspended Concrete Floor Systems by Metwood Building Solutions.
Metwood ICF Hangers are made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel supporting 18,000lbs each, seamlessly integrating into poured walls for reliable suspended concrete floor construction.

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Rendering of a small length of the Metwood TUFF JOIST™ Floor Joist System illustrating two utility races for ease of installation of utilities in the floor system.
TUFF JOIST+™ Floor Joist System combines the strength and consistency of C-Stud joists, the flexibility of pre-punched reinforced access holes, and Metwood’s patented internal reinforcing technology.

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Image of a back porch with a concrete deck and a storage shed beneath with a two level staircase and wrought iron handrails.
Simplifying Deck Installation with Concrete Strength and Enormous Flexibility.

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