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Journal of Light Construction Features Metwood steel beams to open up the attic in this home

When faced with a challenge, you can either back down, take the traditional safe approach, or try to hit a home run. A home run is nice, especially if it’s a sure thing. When Arlington, Massachusetts contractor Kipton Tewksbury took on the job of finishing an attic in a historic home, he looked for a way to do the job better and more efficiently. Kipton did a first class job on the project, and he also did an excellent job writing the article about the project for JLC’s February ‘07 issue. It’s a very interesting and informative article describing how he saved time, money, and effort, while giving his clients more for their money. Click here to read the article about Metwood’s cold formed steel, lightweight steel beams in this project

NEW ICF Beam Hanger constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel

NEW ICF BEAM HANGER – Metwood has introduced a new ICF Beam Hanger (patent pending) designed to simplify and streamline the installation of Metwood floorSPAN systems. Metwood ICF Hangers are made of heavy guage galvanized steel with a 5.25” ID and are designed to handle Metwood’s standard two ply throughSPAN and truSPAN beams used in it’s floorSPAN Systems. The ICF Beam Hangers tie into the strengthening core of the poured wall resulting in a load capacity of 18,000lbs per hanger. Metwood’s patented truSPAN and throughSPAN Beams can be cut to length on the job site and fasten to the Hangers using standard self drilling screws. Metwood’s floorSPAN systems are sure, solid, and radiant ready, and result in maximum loads, longer unsupported spans, and maximized space.