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Rim Beams eliminate headers above window and door openings. The result is an increase in the energy envelope’s efficiency as a result of replacing the CFS Header with insulation, which has four times the resistance to heat flow (LEED awards credits for framing efficiencies such as this).

Resolves framing challenges caused by specified headers such as:

  • Different Depths Specified for Various Openings
  • Special Order, Multi- Ply, Heavier Gauges Typically Needed to Carry Loads

Eliminates the Requirement for In-Line Framing: 

Typical steel framing requires studs, joists, and trusses to be in-line for the height of the building resulting in added additional time and materials.

Speeds Framing of Walls

  • All cripples are the same length
  • Eliminates the need for multiple jack studs
  • Eliminates the material and the need to build and install the specified headers
  • Eliminates two pieces of track the width of each opening

Speeds Framing of the Floors

  • Use a clip or hanger for attachment versus track and stiffeners
  • Easier Fastening
  • Rim Beams can be Fabricated up to 30’ in length requiring few splices.
  • Eliminates the need for rim track
  • Joists are not required to sit over studs

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