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The Metwood TUFF BEAM™ is a compact structural beam of incredible strength, capable of spanning greater distances with fewer vertical supports while allowing the passage of utilities right through the structural member. TUFF BEAM™ can be cut to length on the jobsite with typical power tools, easily positioned, and screwed in place with self-drilling screws. Generally no welding is required. TUFF BEAM™ adapts simply to any project, allowing a variety of finishing products, wood nailers, and joist hangers to be easily attached for even greater flexibility. 

Hole sizes vary from 6”, 8” and 10” depending on beam depth. Other sizes available on request.

Beams can be manufactured without holes for certain applications.

  • Headers (Brick & Stone Loading, etc)
  • Floor & Roof Girders
  • Ridge Beams
  • Deck Girders (Treated, Composite, etc)
  • Concrete Floor & Deck Supports
  • Floor Truss / Joist Strongbacks.
  • May be cambered to reduce deflection and increase load capacity.

Click to Download the Tough Beam Brochure

MTWD_TuffBeam 7.14

TUFF BEAM Load Charts

TUFF BEAM Load Charts

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